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About Us

Fertile Crescent Trading Group is one of the leading group in the fields of electrical power generating sets, water pumps, pressure tanks, and all related equipments and machines of different capacities and different types.

Fertile Crescent Group has established in Baghdad in 14 .March 2004 as an extension of several stores and exhibition centers united together to form the Fertile Crescent Group that shows a clear presence in the Iraqi market both for private sector and official sector in most Iraqi towns and cities.

Fertile Crescent Group believes in free market and free economy principals to achieve our aim that to take generation sets from 2kva capacity up to 2000kva capacity and more, and water pumps different types and application from 0.5 horsepower up to 100 horsepower and more upon request.

We are looking forward to take part in your programs for reconstruction of iraq.

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